DJ Lil Dirty

Lil Dirty realised in the early 90’s the passion for dancing and was inspired by world stars like Michael Jackson and MC Hammer. He earned his first pocket money by giving dancing lessons and making choreographies for various school performances. At the age of 15 he experienced a giant stride towards DJing and entertainment. He was offered a job as a DJ in a youth center and could improve himself as an entertainer and dancer. At the age of 17 he was the background dancer for various Austrian and German dance floor groups. Up to the age of 19 he was more interested in dancing as for DJing and won lots of dance battles. His personal highlight was the first prize at the 1999 Austrian Freestyle Competition, but because of a shoulder injury he had to abandon his dancing career and was forced to realign himself.

“I love music and it doesn’t matter what kind of music unless it sounds good! My dream was to make music and to be successful, I can say that this dream saved my life.”
DJ Lil Dirty

In 2002 he founded Dirty South Entertainment. “At the beginning, I had an idea … I wanted to mount a hot and excessive party – a Dirty South Party”, but it ended not only with a party. The Dirty South Party became the most successful Urban Club Party Entertainment in the south of Austria. Lil Dirty worked from 2002 until today, together with numerous artists and stars like Xzibit, Sido, Stereo MC, Coolio, Truth Hurts, F.R., K.I.Z., Francisco, Delinquent Habits, Kollegah, DJ Tomekk etc. Ivo aka Lil Dirty concentrates on DJing since 2008 and came to the fore of Austria’s Club Scene. Not only is he working with Black Music but also Austria’s Latino Scene makes him glow. This is the reason for being the tour DJ for various Latino artists like NIPO, Bandi2, Mozart La Para etc.

In 2009 DJ Lil Dirty had his first chart success with “Feeling Good”, where he made the hook for Hip Hop artist Canice. Canice and Stiffla’s new album “Tornado Lifestyle” came out in July 2012 and Lil Dirty also appears in some tracks. Since 2012 he is a OFFICIAL VIOLATOR DJ EUROPE! BIG UP!

“Music brings people and cultures together without even realising that!”

June 2013 – SONG RELEASE – I KNOW YOU’LL WAIT FOR ME feat. Rising Girl
check it out on iTunes. The Song goes #1 on Radio Soundportal.

Clubs & Discos

Papaya (Croatia/Zrce)
Project Pop Culture (p.p.c.) (Graz/Austria)
Bur (Graz/Austria)
Bollwerk (Graz/Austria)
Havanna Club (Graz/Austria)
Dom im Berg (Graz/Austria)
Thalia (Graz/Austria)
TheAtro (Graz/Austria)
Duplex (Pristina/Kosovo)
Screen Bar (Graz/Austria)
Nachtschicht (Wien/Austria)
Soul Bar (Wien/Austria)
Schwarzl See (Graz/Austria)
Club Titanic (Wien/Austria)
Opernpassage (Graz/Austria)
Club Orange (Graz/Austria)
Friday’s (Graz/Austria)
City Beach (Graz/Austria)
Club Charly (Bratislava/Slovakia)
Scheinbar (Graz/Austria)
Basso (Graz/Austria)

Arcadium (Graz/Austria)
Club Angels (Stip/Macedonia)
Bubbles (Graz/Austria)
Floridita (Wien/Austria)
Murinsel (Graz/Austria)
Latinos (Graz/Austria)
Non Stop Kino (Graz/Austria)
Diskothek Park (Ohrid/Macedonia)
Tropical (Graz/Austria)
Cafe Del Mar (Graz/Austria)
Black Club (Kirchberg/Austria)
Hard Rock (Skopje/Macedonia)
Poco Loco (Graz/Austria)
Uno (Graz/Austria)
Casa Bianca (Milano/Italy)
Haus der Begegnung (Wien/Austria)
Club Plus Minus (Maribor/Slovenia)
Die Burg (Spielberg/Austria)
NEO – Music Club (Hartberg/Austria)
Voodoo (Hartberg/Austria)


FETTE BLANCHE (Graz/Austria)
DMX LIVE (Graz/Austria)
SUPPORT DJ für GENETIKK (Graz/Austria)
SUPPORT DJ für Die Vamummtn (Graz/Austria)
Styrian Stylez 2011 (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für XZIBIT (US) (Graz – AUT)
Support DJ für KOLLEGAH & FAVORITE (DE) (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für DELINQUENT HABITS (US) (Graz/Austria)
„GAME – The R.E.D. Album“ Official Releaseparty DJ (Graz/Austria)
„SAMY DELUXE – SchwarzWeiss” Official Releaseparty DJ (Graz/Austria)
„SNOOP DOGG – Doggumentary” Official Realeaseparty DJ (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für F.R. (DE) (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für DJ TOMEKK (DE) (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für K.I.Z. (DE) (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für TRUTH HURTS (US) (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für SIDO (DE) (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für SIDO (ITA) (Brixen/Italy)

Support DJ für COOLIO (US) (Graz/Austria)
Francisco Live on stage (US) (Graz/Austria)
Support DJ für Mozart La Para (DOM.REP.) (Wien/Austria)
Support DJ für El Lapiz (Dom. Rep) (Linz/Austria)
Hip Hop Mania I, II, III (Arcadium) ft. Coolio 2003
Booty Shake Party 1 & 2 (p.p.c.)
1st Reggaeton Party in Graz (Tropical)
In The VIP (Galileo)
Fiesta Dominicana (MaXXX)
Dirtylicious I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII, VIII, IX (thalia)
DJ TOMEKK (Dom im Berg/p.p.c.) 2008
Supreme Club (CBO)
Vitamin D (CBO)
Candy Club (Scheinbar)
Black Wednesday (Friday’s)
ClassX (p.p.c.)
DIRTY NASTY KINKY porno party (p.p.c.)
TWERK (p.p.c.)
DICKES G – Deutscher HiP Hop Club (p.p.c.)
u. v. m.

Sonstige Referenzen

EUROPEAN TOUR DJ für NIPO 2009/2010 (Dom. Rep.)
TOUR DJ für BANDI2 (Dom. Rep.)
Support DJ für MOZART LA PARA (Dom. Rep.)
Support DJ für El LAPIZ (Dom. Rep.)
Produktion der Radiosendung „The Hotspot – Blazin’ Hip-Hop & RnB” bei Radio Soundportal

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